For peer reviewers

The peer review process is designed to assure the originality, quality, and validity of articles published in scholarly journals. It has long been accepted as a system that guarantees the authenticity and honesty of the work done.

Mandatory questions for peer reviewers

  • Is the article important?
  • Will it help our readers to make better decisions and, if so, how?
  • Will the article add enough to existing knowledge?
  • Does the article read well and make sense? Does it have a clear message?
  • Originality — does the work add enough to what is already in the published literature? If so, what does it add? Please cite relevant references to support your comments on originality.
  • Scientific reliability
    • Research question — clearly defined and appropriately answered?
    • Overall design of study — appropriate and adequate to answer the research question?
    • Participants — adequately described, their conditions defined, inclusion and exclusion criteria described?
    • Methods — adequately described?
    • Results — answer the research question? Credible? Well presented?
    • Interpretation and conclusions — warranted by and sufficiently derived from/focused on the data? Discussed in the light of previous evidence? Message clear?
    • References — up to date and relevant? Any glaring omissions?
    • Abstract/summary/key messages/what this paper adds — reflect accurately what the paper says?

All unpublished manuscripts are confidential documents. If we invite you to review an article please do not discuss it even with a colleague: if you would like to pass it on to someone else to review please email first.

Please download Peer-Review Form (Editable PDF)